Fresh Water FishingOn May 13, 1999, the Coleman family opened Daddy Joe’s as a fishing and hunting preserve in honor of our father, Joe Coleman. What once were fields of tobacco, corn and pastures with surrounding irrigation ponds became areas for guided hunting trips and lakes for fresh water fishing. Rainbow trout were hauled in each fall to the stream for fishing during winter months. 

Building log cabins

In 1999, Daddy Joe’s won the national Stewardship Award from the Progressive Farmer Magazine for the unique design of the stream and lakes.

In 2000, the yurts and bathhouse were added for the guests as they hunted and fished. The Clubhouse (now The Creamery) was constructed and became the gathering place for meals for our guests with an inventory of fishing and hunting supplies.

In July of 2001, sites 1-36, the Ranger Station, and another bathhouse were added and the resort began to receive families for camping.  The first pool was added in 2002.  Sites 37-54 were added in 2003 and the hunting operation was closed. Daddy Joe's Fishing Hole was renamed Daddy Joe's.

Owners with Yogi Bear mascotDaddy Joe’s focused on the family camping market for RV’s and tents and joined the Yogi Bears’ Jellystone Camp-Resort
 in 2004 as Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp-Resort at Daddy Joe’s.  Activities and all the fun with Yogi Bear began as we converted to the Leisure System of operation for the camp resort.

In 2004, the Call of the Wild Cabins (1-4) were added to extend the opportunity for camping to all families, not just those with tents or RVs. The Splash Zone water area was also built. Then in 2005 the tent sites and tent bathhouse were added. 2006 brought the addition of sites 55-78, the lap pool, Water Wars, Camp Store, and Coyote Cabins (5-7). In 2008, LOCOMOTION, the ultimate ride truck was born, taking dare-to-get-dirty moms, dads, and kids in the mud and through the woods on a unique thrill adventure. LOCOMOTION retired in 2013 after making many campers muddy and happy.

Camp Resort of the Year trophy

2008 was a banner year for our resort. This culminated in November as we received the highest honor of the Jellystone Park system by being named Camp-Resort of the Year out of 70 Jellystone Park locations across America. In addition we received the highest inspection award in the Jellystone system. These awards belong to each of our dedicated employees who worked to get us there. You, our guests, also share the award because you have shared the dream and invested in our resort by camping with us. In the very same year our waterslides and quad buddy sites opened with very positive response from our guests. The quad buddy sites offer four families a common courtyard for their own private camping retreat.

2009 was another special year with the addition of the Camp Ministry Team. Worship and Bible study have continued to be a part of our resort. We are very excited about our ministry team as they share with you, our guests.

2010 brought even more exciting changes. We dropped our prices to accommodate more families during this tough economy. We moved our cave and gem mining near the pool area so that kids do not have to leave the area if they want to go explore in the cave or do some gem mining. We also built a softball field. At the annual LSI Symposium held in Cincinnati, OH, we won some prestigious awards. We became the first ever Jellystone Park to win The Carroll Award three times in a row. The Carroll Award is awarded to the Jellystone Park with the highest Inspection report. We also won The Jim Webb Spirit Award. We were also a finalist for the Camp-Resort of the Year again.

The Creamery at Daddy Joe's logoA new venture began in 2011 with the birth of The Creamery. The clubhouse was turned into an ice cream shop featuring homemade ice cream, waffle cones and bowls. The Creamery has become must-stop for campers and the community with favorites such as brownie sundaes, milkshakes & takeout containers that fit perfectly into a camper freezer.

We are all about amenities and the fun we can offer to our guests. That is why in 2012 we added Daddy Joe’s Mini Golf Course, another swimming pool & the Jumping Pillow. The very same year we put in an additional 35 campsites, 7 cabins and 2 bunkhouses. The bunkhouses (holding 20 people each) became a great way for groups to enjoy the camping experience.

In 2013 we decided to enclose the Activity Center during this year. Having it enclosed has opened the door to new options when the weather is rainy or cold.

As we continue to move forward with the addition of paved roads in 2014 and a bear den in 2016, we are excited for what the future holds. It is important to us, and always will be, to move forward in the camping industry to provide you with the best family camping experience possible. What began as a farm diversification project now stands as a nationally known and award-winning resort. The resort covers over 350 acres with nine ponds and miles of trails for hiking and biking. Church groups, scouts, and family reunions all can find plenty to do while gathering for a retreat at our resort.

Joey and Deb, Rick and Cathy, Richard and Heather, Jesse and Amber and Christian want to thank you for choosing to stay with us. We hope you will soon return and tell someone about us.

Our team looks forward to serving you during your stay with us.

May God bless your stay with us,
The Coleman Family